Meat specialities
and artisan desserts in Turin

"Turin. A dignified and severe city! Not a big city at all, not at all modern as I had feared: but a 17th century residence, where a unique flavour has been imposed upon everything, that of the Court and nobility. There is an aristocratic calm on everything; there are no subtle suburbs; a unit of taste extending to colour (the whole city is yellow or red-brown). And it's a classic place for your feet like your eyes!" (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Combining the flavours of traditional cuisine with the sophistication of those who know the world of catering for over 50 years, Ristorante Marcello in Turin only offers its guests the best. In the cosy restaurant located in the centre of the city, near Porta Nuova, you will be able to taste some of the typical dishes of the Turinese cuisine in an elegant setting and characterized by attnetion that only a family restaurant can offer.
For information and to make a reservation please get in touch. The Marcello Restaurant is at Corso Stati Uniti 4, in Turin.

Our specialties

Come and delight your palate at the Marcello Restaurant: there are many typical Piedmont dishes made with care by the kitchen team. Among our specialties are many fish and meat dishes such as grilled, Piedmontese beef fillet, seasonal mushrooms, and the famous Grissinopoli, a typical Turin dish based on a cutlet with its bone stuffed with breadsticks. There are also many first courses prepared with fresh pasta such as rigatoni al Brucio, tagliolini with lobster and Pachino tomatoes. We have a selection of wines to accompany the dishes, all able to satisfy the taste of the most refined and demanding palates. Do not miss our desserts, homemade according to tradition.

Come and visit us at Corso Stati Uniti 4, Turin

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