Welcome to the Marcello restaurant in Turin

In 2016, Laura, a proud, careful and enterprising owner of the restaurant, decides to renovate starting with the furnishings: she studies the best way to reorganize the catering and facilitate the work; she wants a new place that reflects the familiarity and warmth that Marcello's clientèle always welcomed. In August the restructuring starts. The rooms are completely renovated, welcoming and familiar; the tables are even more spacious and comfortable; the environment is friendly with a vintage touch and with the relaxed atmosphere like before. For customers it's like being at home. . . "Welcome to the Marcello!"

From Altopascio to Turin: it was 1940 and Marcello was 14 years old

The place is named after the founder, Sig. Marcello, who was born in 1926, and who at the age of 14 leaves Altopascio, the village where he was born and raised, in the province of Lucca, and moves to Turin. It's 1940. There are so many who, like Marcello Grazzini, find work far from home. They carry the traditions and know how to recreate the Tuscan region. Italo Calvino remembers in his tale of having lunch in "certain fixed-price restaurants, which in this city are all managed by Tuscan families, relatives of theirs, and the waitresses are all girls from a country called Altopascio, and they live their youth here, whilst always thinking of Altopascio [...] "
For Marcello, they are years of hard work. Then, on the chef's side, it's time to devote himself to the preparation of the dishes: first courses, second courses, and so on to master the art of catering. One day Marcello goes to find a friend who works as a chef in Milan and it's on this occasion that he meets Fiorenza, also from Tuscany, with whom he falls in love and who he marries in October 1950. Since then they will walk their whole life together, the king and queen of Tuscan catering in Turin.

1961-2011: Golden Wedding celebration, in the Turin restaurant, with Fiorenza for more than 50 years

It is 1961: Fiorenza and Marcello open their restaurant in Corso Stati Uniti 4, two steps from Porta Nuova Station: they are years of great commitment and great satisfaction; there are many Turin people who cannot afford a chef at home who start to go to restaurants with their families: at the Marcello you find good Italian food. A kitchen that in the 1960's was opulent in everything it did: from the range, to the delicious portions, to the strong and decisive flavours. Everything else was another world from now on. In the meantime Laura was born. For her the restaurant is a second home, and Laura, as is often the case, very soon begins to make her contribution. Since 1973 she has been following in her father's footsteps and in 1975 Giuseppe joined the team, and married Laura in 1980. Together they work with Mum Fiorenza and Dad Marcello until 1990, a decisive date: in that year the founders pass the responsibility of the restaurant to the young newlyweds.

1990: the family history continues with Laura

For Laura and Giuseppe these are years of great commitment, responsibility and finally autonomy in the management of the restaurant. Both had in fact been observing the changing tastes and needs of the customers, and they wanted to revise and update the menu. But how difficult it had been to change Father Marcello's mind! The was only one menu and there was nothing to discuss. "When Mum and Dad finally retire and let us do it," Laura says, "we put in everything to prove that we did not make a mistake as we were young and that it was possible to revamp the kitchen, for example by introducing fish, and without betraying our customers' trust. And I must say that my parents had to believe in us again and recognize that we were up to the task we received from them. "
The Marcello Restaurant is still here, at Corso Stati Uniti 4 and enjoys great health!

"The Marcello is always a pleasure!"

Entering the Marcello, the first impression is of a restaurant that works a lot: if you haven't booked, it will be difficult to find a free table! In fact, the Marcello Restaurant is a point of reference for Turin's unique restaurant scene: it boasts a family history and uninterrupted and durable management, an assiduous and affectionate clientèle not only among the old generations still remembered by Father Marcello, but also by new younger ones, those of children and grandchildren.  You may come across a familiar face of a politician, an entrepreneur, a well-known professional in the city, who appreciate the familiar and private environment of the venue. Whether it is a family reunion or a romantic meal, a business lunch or with friends, in a group or alone, no matter: there are so many opportunities for both the traditional Turinese and the many Italian strangers and foreigners alike, they all agree on one point: "At the Marcello it's always a pleasure!"

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