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Seasonal cuisine and traditional flavours in Turin 

One thing must be said: the cuisine of Marcello has no regional connotation although the menu includes many Italian cuisine specialties such as the Piedmontese beef fillet with green peppercorns, the Val d'Arno croutons or swordfish alla Palermitana. In addition to the classic dishes such as first courses from the great Italian tradition, there are the "tartare" or the "battuta di fassone", the seafish such as the grilled sole alla mugnaia, Grissinopoli or a cutlet with its bone stuffed with breadsticks. If the season allows, and if the customer wishes, an dinner based on oysters or white Alba truffle, and Giuseppe is always personally choosing ingredients for their freshness and quality. The kitchen loves to follow the seasons and the team knows what to suggest.

Fresh ingredients: the quality that 
Laura and Giuseppe never compromise on

We talk about the goodness of ingredients in the kitchen: origin, freshness and seasonality are the foundation of genuine, tasty and healthy cuisine.

In a fine dining environment like Turin, the Marcello restaurant is distinguished by the quality of produce and ingredients that match the rhythm of the seasons.

You can be sure that if it is the season for mushrooms or truffles, our team will offer you them in as many variants as possible. And our fresh pasta, like homemade, and comes directly from the famous Pastificio Bolognese, another historic reality in Turin. No less important is oil and "sciap" bread: absolutely Tuscan!

Laura serving, and Giuseppe in the kitchen: owners
that care

Laura supervises the floor, and Joseph manages the kitchen and coordinates a close team who prepare varied dishes to order. How do you define it? A Savoyard kitchen? No. A studied cuisine? No. A cuisine with the right flavours of Italian tradition? That's right! A great gastronomic experience and passion for artisan things, such as homemade desserts, these make the Marcello a cuisine that is an art form.

An attentive team who knows what to do

Our waiting staff will serve you carefully with attention and advise on choosing the most appropriate menu according to your wishes. Many dishes are prepared directly in the dining room to be served at the table: preparing a tartare or fileting a baked fish is an experience that is becoming more and more rare and assisting you is a real pleasure!

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