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Speciality meat and artisan desserts in Turin

Marcello is the Turin restaurant full of authentic and delicious dishes coming directly from the true Piedmontese culinary tradition. Dishes of meat and fish combine with salami, desserts and specialty pasta dishes unique to the palate and exquisite in taste. To find out more, discover what's on our menu, or email us at

Our traditional menu



Parma ham
Hand-cut Tuscan ham
Tomini cheese "elettrici"
Bruschetta with fresh tomatoes
Crostini Val d'Arno
Tuscan sausage croutons
Buttered anchovies and croutons
 Cooked Tuscan meats
 Mixed Piedmontese appetizer
Wild boar bresaola with pistacchio
Vitello tonnato
Vitello tartar


Seafood salad (warm)
Octopus and tomatoes
Mixed seafood (warm)
Whitebait with salad or fried
Triumph of raw fish
Fried King prawns with seasonal vegetables
Smoked seafood (3)
Baby octopus stew
Tuna tartare

First Courses


Soup of the day
Cappelletti in broth
Tagliatelle with Piedmontese veal ragout
Tagliolini with seasonal vegetables
Risotto al barbera e castelmagno
Rigatoni al Brucio
Gnocchi al castelmagno
Plin with roast sauce
Fresh spaghetti cacio and pepper


Spaghetti with clams
Spaghetti chitarra with courgette and shrimp
Risotto with saffron, shrimp and peas
Spaghetti alla scoglio
Linguine with lobster
Spaghetti with fresh achovies and pistachios
Paccheri with shrimp and squid

Second Courses


Nodino chop with butter and sage
Grilled steak
Beef fillet with green peppercorns
Juniper fillet
Beef tagliata with rucola and Parmesan
Liver alla Veneta or butter and sage
Scallops in Armagnac
Milanese steak with tomatoes and rocket
Fried brains with seasonal vegetables
Stracciata with radish
Piedmontese veal hamburger with gorgonzola


Sole alla mugnaia or grilled
Swordfish alla Palermitana
Salmon fillet with pink peppercorns
Fried shrimp and squid
Sea bass / bream / turbot for 2 people
Sea bass / bream / turbot for 3 people
Ligurian sea bream
Turbot in olive oil and pine nuts
 Livornese Fish Bocconcini
King prawn Palermitana
Lemon King prawns
Lobster alla Catalana


Home made confectionery
Ice cream, hazelnut, chocolate
Sorbet: lemon, green apple, mandarin
Selection of berries
Cantuccini with vin santo

Wine list

Wide choice of traditional labels

Come and visit us at Corso Stati Uniti 4, Turin

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